The Power of Taking a Walk (And How to Fit Them In)

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If you’re trying to live a calmer, less cluttered and less stressful lifestyle, then going for walks is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Walking has a vast number of benefits for your body and your mind which we will look at here. What’s more, is that it’s something anyone can do and that anyone can fit into their routine. Read on to find out more.

The Power of Walking

Going for a walk is right away one of the best things you can do for your health. This is a very gentle and low-impact form of exercise that will help you burn calories and keep your heartrate up. If you sit for long periods during the day, then it’s very important to ensure you are occasionally getting some exercise as otherwise you can actually shorten your lifespan!

What’s more though is that walking has a number of powerful benefits for the brain. When you walk, it causes you to activate your brain’s default mode network. This is the series of brain areas that come to life when you’re not focussing on anything particular. Using the default mode network allows your brain to recover from lots of focus and it helps you to come up with creative ideas. It’s almost meditative!

This is only then heightened when you additionally start taking walks in scenic areas. Studies show that simply being in the presence of greenery is enough to help us lower our heartrates and to instil a sense of calm. What’s more, it also further enhanced creativity.

If your life feels constantly busy, rushed and hectic, then a walk might just be the perfect escape that your body and mind are crying out for.

How to Fit Walks Into Your Routine

So how can you make this work within your current routine?

One option is to go for more walks while doing other things. A particularly good example of this is speaking with a friend. If you have a friend over for tea, why not suggest catching up while going for a walk? Alternatively, if you are on the phone, why not take it with you for an amble?

Another option is to walk places that you might otherwise have driven or gotten the bus. The old tip is to try getting off of your bus one stop earlier and then just walking that last stretch to work/your home.

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